Where is Your Financial GPS Leading You?

You know when you have that uncertainty or fogginess, "is my retirement or financial path going the way I want".


I serve my clients by helping them achieve clarity and  a sense of security as it relates to their financial ideals and assist navigating their financial path toward financial freedom. 

In the pursuit of those financial goals, it’s important to know your values, identify priorities, understand your options, and implement a strategy. As we evaluate your current situation, I can help you make informed decisions for your financial future, and that of your family and your business.


Navigate Your Financial GPS

Business Meeting

Financial Road Map

Individuals  & Small Business Owners 

"For Living Life on Purpose"

What is important to you?
Start your journey to Live the Life you want.

We will prepare a comprehensive plan for what is important to you to plot your goals and financial picture on your financial road map. Then we will develop an implementation strategy that fits with your overall game plan and values.

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Educators, Faculty & Staff
NJ School Districts

Do you have that skepticism about your pension and retirement savings, with lingering questions if it will be enough when you are done with your career? 

As your financial professional, I help navigate the sea of questions concerning your pension, benefits, social security, and how they integrate with your 403(b) and other retirement investments. I will help create a financial road map on your way to financial freedom.

You Work Hard

Get Clarity about Your Financial Path

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Business Meeting

Maximizing Social Security

"When to Claim"

Retirement looks different today. Having a strategy for claiming Social Security can be beneficial to your planning income goal. Get answers to your  social security claiming question. Download your Free Guide below. Contact us today!

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College Planning

"You may be wondering"

- How much can we afford for our child's College?

- How can my child get more free money for college?

- How do we ensure our child graduates with    manageable student loan debt without robbing our retirement?

- What about student loans?

- What is our EFC (Expected Family Contribution)?


Have more questions - Talk to a College planning professional!

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Everybody’s financial situation is different, and most questions have more than one answer. Before you go on to make the financial decisions that will affect the next 20 to 30 years of your life, Jay Silvagni invites you to get answers to the questions that are specific to your situation. As a Financial Professional, Jay takes pride in educating his clients and finds that most people have more options than they realize. He takes them through a process that includes how to analyze the longevity of retirement funds, when to file for Social Security and how to fill the income gap.

Jay is a National Education Association (NEA) Retirement Specialist, helping school district faculty members achieve a robust retirement planning strategy. Before joining ABMM Financial, he served as a financial representative for Mutual of Omaha. During his tenure, Jay was an insurance advisor and worked towards learning and building his investment practice. In addition to his investment and retirement planning career, Jay also helps families maximize their ability to receive loans and funding for their children’s college education. He also previously invested in real estate. As a former football player, he embraces the strength that comes from working together as a team.

Jay graduated with a degree in Finance/Economics from Glassboro State (now Rowan University). He is the proud father of his daughter, a Geologist and graduate from Florida Atlantic University. Jay has a passion for real estate, having spent several years on the investment side of it. When not working, Jay enjoys his senior pup, spending time in the gym, banging on the drums, practicing krav maga, golfing with friends and coleagues and giving back whether it be his time making meals for seniors or other resources to help animals in shelters.


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