Your Financial Road Map


Welcome to your financial road map, a guide to navigating your financial journey. Your unique circumstances may present various challenges, and together we will tackle some or all of the critical points outlined below to ensure you stay on track.

In the pursuit of those financial goals, it's important to know your values, identify priorities, understand your options, and implement a strategy. I will provide personal financial service, a GPS so to speak, as we navigate and evaluate your current situation, I will help you make informed decisions for your financial future, that of your family and your business.


Together, we will create a road map for you.

A plan that is in line with your goals, helps protect your assets and is reviewed, at a minimum, annually but that can be adjusted as life happens. Remember creating your financial plan is a process, not a product.

Your roadmap may include one, some or all of the topics below depending on your individual objectives.

  • Asset Protection - involves implementing strategies and measures to safeguard one's wealth and possessions from potential risks, such as lawsuits, creditors, and financial downturns.

  • Retirement Planning - setting and achieving your financial goals to help achieve a comfortable and financially independent retirement.

  • Investment Management- creating a strategic financial plan to allocate funds and resources in order to achieve specific investment goals while managing risk effectively.

  • Efficient Tax Planning - engaging financial strategies and structures to potentially minimize or legally avoid tax liability.

  • Education Funding - using a financial strategy to save and invest funds specifically designated for college or educational expenses, ensuring the availability of resources when needed.

  • Social Security Maximization - "When to Claim?" That is the question. Having a strategy for claiming Social Security can be beneficial to your planning income goal.

  • Family & Estate Planning Strategies - A comprehensive approach is crucial for clients to ensure their wishes are safeguarded: crafting wills provides clear directives for asset distribution and guardianship of young children, durable powers of attorney offer protection in unforeseen circumstances, and trusts establish a strategic framework for the efficient transfer of wealth, collectively ensuring the seamless protection and distribution of their estate. Knowing your approach toward LTC (Long Term Care).

  • Health & Insurance Planning - Understanding your health insuance and property/casualty insurance coverages (home & auto). 

  • Personal Financial Strategies - Budgeting (the dreaded B word) or understanding your cash flow, emergency funds and debt management.

  • Business Planning - Creating a business structure that will give you the best tax advantages. Utilizing those tax strategies to legally pay the IRS as little as possible. Understatnding and implementing your exit strategies.