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Your Financial Roadmap

In the pursuit of those financial goals, it’s important to know your values, identify priorities, understand your options, and implement a strategy. I will provide personal financial service, a GPS so to speak, as we navigate and evaluate your current situation, I will help you make informed decisions for your financial future, that of your family and your business.

What I offer:

Together, we will create a road map for you. A plan that is in line with your goals, protects your assets and is reviewed at a minimum annually but that can be adjusted as life happens. Remember creating your financial plan is a process not a product. It may include one, some or all of the topics below depending on your individual objectives.

  • Asset Protection - involves implementing strategies and measures to safeguard one's wealth and possessions from potential risks, such as lawsuits, creditors, and financial downturns.

  • Retirement Planningsetting and achieving your financial goals to help achieve a comfortable and financially independent retirement.

  • Investment Managementcreating a strategic financial plan to allocate funds and resources in order to achieve specific investment goals while managing risk effectively.

  • Efficient Tax Planning - engaging financial strategies and structures to minimize or legally avoid tax liability.

  • Education Funding - using a financial strategy to save and invest funds specifically designated for educational expenses, ensuring the availability of resources when needed.

  • Social Security Maximization - "When to Claim?" That is the question. Having a strategy for claiming Social Security can be beneficial to your planning income goal.

  • Family & Estate Planning - A comprehensive approach is crucial for clients to ensure their wishes are safeguarded: crafting wills provides clear directives for asset distribution and guardianship of young children, durable powers of attorney offer protection in unforeseen circumstances, and trusts establish a strategic framework for the efficient transfer of wealth, collectively ensuring the seamless protection and distribution of their estate. C

  • Health & Insurance Planning

  • Personal Financial StrategiesBudgeting or understanding your cash flow, emergency funds and debt management.

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